How does a computer work?

working of computer

A computer is a machine that is designed after mixing the hardware and software. When computer receives the instructions from the user then the computer process it and shows output on the screen. Without software, a computer is not working. 

Here we define some important components by using computer works. The computer works electronically and processes its input and outputs.

computer work
computer work

Some important parts of computer:

These elements are participating in running the entire computer system.

  1. Hardware system
  2. Software
  3. Input / output device
  4. Motherboard
  5. Processor
  6. Memory 
  7. Ram 
  8. Power supply 
  9. Programing languages
  10. User ( which is work on system )

These are the main parts which are run with the computer system. If anyone parts are not present at a time then computer is not working perfectly it shows error always.

How does a computer work?

When it give an input into the computer system then it complete in the following steps:

  1. Input is given by the user.
  2. The first input goes to the compiler which converts the input from given language to machine language (0, 1).
  3. Then it understands by the computer processor (CPU).
  4. The computer processor decides which action is taking, during this processing all the rest of the components of the computer work continuously.
  • Memory stores the input data.
  • Resisters pick the data for processing.
  • Ram gives a space for applications to running by which input is given.
  • Power supply board continuously supplies electricity to the computer components.
  • Motherboard’s all component helps to process the data.
  1. After that computer processor sends the instruction to the parts of the computer to execute the input as a resultant the computer components execute them and process forward towards the output device.
  2. Output devices of computer “monitor “ready to display them as output which is received the CPU.
  3. Finally output is shown on the monitor screen in front of the user.

This is the simple way by which a computer works when we gave any type of or instruction to the computer.

How does computer work short answer?

When any input is given by the user then based on input, the computer processor executes them and sends them to output devices i.e. monitor. This is the basic working function of the computer.

How do computers work at the most basic level?

At most basic level computer is defined by this information that is computer is an electronic machine which is used to process the user’s query to solve them in an easy and fast way.

How does a CPU work physically?

This means computer motherboard and its related and connected components are physical devices which is work based on software to perform them for executing the data.

How does computer memory work?

Computer memory is a physical device that is using to store the data or information. Computer memory two types 

  1. Volatile 
  2. Non-volatile

But computer memory works in two ways

  1. Primary memory
  2. Secondary memory

How do computers understand 0 and 1?

 This is 

Machine language which is understandable by the computer machine. The computer does not know the human language.

When any input/instruction is given by the user to the computer system than by using the compiler/ interpreter it converted into the machine language that is 0,1. Then computer easily understands the user’s instructions and based upon them shows the output.

How does electricity make a computer work?

When we plug in the computer cable to the electricity board then an electrical power goes under the computer components and start working. For doing any type of work you must need electric power for running the parts of the computer.


Motherboard is an intermediate across all the computer components by which they are interconnected. Mother placed under the cabinet of the computer system.

Processor, Ram, hard disk, resistors, connected ports, power supply, monitor, and all the components are interconnected with the motherboard directly or indirectly.


Ram is also known as random access memory. Ram provides the space for running th4e application into the system. All the software and applications are creating a space into ram when they are run.

Higher the Ram, applications work smoothly and fast.

If the software is heavy but Ram is small then the computer shows a hanging problem into the system and does not work properly.


The central processing unit is another name of CPU; it works as an intermediate between input and output devices. It is also called the Brain of the computer. All the decisions are taken by the CPU for performing them.


Memory is a storage device of the computer it is two types of primary and secondary. Primary memory is the input memory of the computer which situated into the computer system.

Secondary memory of the computer is an external memory that is plugged into the ports of the computer externally.


Here we define all the working of the computer system briefly. All the parts of the computer work according to the instructions of the user and the processor show an output.

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