Types of computer memory

computer memory

Computer Memory is a device that is used to store the information and user data in a computer system. Based upon their work computer memory is categorized in many types.

Computer memory is design to improve the computer speed as well as performance. Some computer memory which is the latest technology is very fast work but some older computer memories are work less than the latest technology memories.

If any memory sends the data to CPU very fast then it is known as fast memory, if any memory sends the data at lower speed it called low-speed memory.

computer memory
computer memory

Computer memory is divided into two different ways

  1. Volatile
  2. Non-volatile

This classification is based upon the storage capacity of memory for a long time. If any memory loses the data after power off then it called volatile memory.

If memory is not lost the data after power is off called non-volatile memory.

In computer, there are several types of memories that are attached to the motherboard such as resistors, cache memory, Ram memory, ROM memory, hard disk, etc.

Types of computer memory:

  1. Primary memory (volatile memory)
  2. Secondary memory (Non- volatile memory)

These memories are further categorized into several types.

Here we explain the primary memory and secondary memory.

Primary memory of computer

Primary memory is inbuilt into the computer system and helps for running software and applications or programs.

Types of primary computer memory

  1. RAM
  2. ROM

RAM: stands for Random Access Memory

ROM: stands for Read-Only Memory

Types of RAM memory:

Ram memory is two types

  1. DRAM
  2. SRAM

Types of ROM:

  1. PROM
  2. EROM


Characteristics of primary memory

The primary memory of the computer is also known as the main 

  1. Memory of the main memory of the computer.
  2. Primary memory is volatile memory.
  3. This computer memory is much faster from the secondary memory.
  4. All the computer software is run in this memory that’s why it is most important for computers.
  5. As much higher the size of primary memory, the performance and speed of the computer system is high.
  6. All the saved data in primary memory is lost after the power is off in the computer system.
  7. When your switch on the computer firstly primary memory is run for processing the necessary software of a computer.

Secondary memory

It is a permanent memory of a computer, Secondary memory also known as external memory of the computer. These types of memories are externally connected by port with a computer.

This is the separate storage point for computers if our computer internal memory is full then we will help these secondary memories for storing the data i.e. Pen drive, floppy disk, compact disk (CD).

Types of Secondary memory 

Secondary memory is two types

  1. Magnetic memory
  2. Optical memory

Types of magnetic memory

  1. Floppy disk

     Types of optical memory

  1. CD ( compact disk)
  2. DVD (digital versatile disk)

      The secondary memory is less fat than the primary memory.

Characteristics of secondary memory

  1. Its speed is slow as compared to the primary memory.
  2. Secondary memory is a non-volatile memory.
  3. It is connected to external devices.
  4. Secondary memory is an optional memory because computers run without them, but for a high storing purpose we use this type of memory.
  5. Hard disk, floppy disk, magnetic tape, Pen drive, external memory card, etc. are the examples of the secondary memory.

In computer system, a third type of memory also works which is most important for computer

Cache memory of computer

If we measure the computer according to its fast speed then the cache memory plays a very important role in this journey.

If we open/run any software again and again then our computer system makes a cache related to that particular software, if next time we open them computer called it is from cache for fast loading and gives a better performance of the user.

Cache memory work between CPU and the main primary memory of the computer system.

Cache memory is the next feature is that it holds that data which is frequently used in the system. All this processing data are sent to the cache memory by the operating system of the computer.

Higher the cache memory working speed is much faster.

Advantages of cache memory

  1. Cache memory is much faster form the primary memory of the computer.
  2. Cache memory stores the data temporarily or instant uses purpose.
  3. Cache memory access time is very little.
  4. If Cache computer memory is higher than the speed of the computer is much higher.

Disadvantages of cache memory

  1. The cost of the cache memory is very high.
  2. Storing capacity of this memory is very limited i.e. approx. 1MB – 15MB


Computer memory is used to store the data and based upon the users’ requirements is divided into several types i.e. RAM, ROM, PRIMARY MEMORY, SECONDARY MEMORY, CACHE MEMORY, DISK DRIVE, HARD DISK, SSD, etc.

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