Types of computer science degrees

computer science degrees

Computer science is the professional field for engineers, computer is a subject and science works on technologies.

For study about computer science and technologies, there are several courses or degree are available. The best degree for computer engineers is B.tech with computer science, it is a professional degree for engineers by which they achieve their aim.

If we talk about the master degree in computer science is M.tech with computer science.

In Indian culture, some government test is organized 

for technical triads

  2. EEE

 And many others but these are famous tests.

There are several degrees in computer science here a list below:

  1. B.tech with computer science ( professional )
  2. M.tech with computer science ( professional )
  3. BCA  with computer science
  4. MCA with computer science
  5. BA  with computer science
  6. MA  with computer science
  7. B.SC with computer science
  8. MSC with computer science

1. B.TECH with computer science degrees

It the first choice of engineers especially software engineers. In b.tech you learn all about computer software and programming languages.

About B.tech with computer science

  • This is a four-year course.
  • Its full form is ( bachelor of technology)
  • You all subjects are computer and technology-related.
  • You study about software and programming.
  • Salary for perfect students: minimum of 300 INR.
  • You study about java, android, database, etc.
  • This is a perfect engineer.
  • Its’s master degree is M.tech.
  • Maximum students who make engineer study with this degree.

2. BCA with computer science degrees

  • It is three years of the degree.
  • Its full form is ( Bachelor of computer applications )
  • Here you study the basics of computer programing and software.
  • This is the lowest stage of b.tech
  • Its master’s degree is MCA.

BA with computer subject

  • This is also three years of course.
  • Full form of BA is ( bachelor of arts )
  • In this degree you have must take two subjects i.e Hindi and English.
  • It master degree is MA ( master of arts )
  • In our recommendation BA is not perfect for computer students.

B.sc with computer

  • This is also a three-year course.
  • This is best for normal students.
  • Full form of b.sc is ( bachelor of science ) 
  • It master degree is M.SC ( master of science )
  • It is an educational degree but not professional.

Here we talk about the government test for these degrees

  • JEE. Mains:-

Jee mains is a standard course for these degrees .there are some tests are taken by the government and after qualifying them are take admission to governments college and university which is a high rank in India.

The computer science field is the best field for engineers which has the aim to become a software engineer.

Work of software engineer:

  1. App development
  2. Website development 
  3. Develop software
  4. Web designing 
  5. Database 
  6. Front end of server
  7. Backend of server

These are some basic work which is must be done by a software engineer. when a software engineer is completes its study and learned about the programming languages.

Computer science is a programmable study, in this study you learn about computer hardware and software management and making both of them. computer science fieldwork with any type of industry because in the modern world computer is very famous and very work is need a computer .

so if you have any computer degree then you will try any type of job which is related to the computer and you easily cover its all work without any misunderstanding.


Here we define some computer science degrees with their explanation.in India here some other degree is also existence, all these degrees exam are conducted by the central government of India. if you have any doubts in this article comment below in the comment box without your hesitation I will try to solve your issue.

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