Types of computer

Types of computer

Initially when the computer was made by human then only one type of computer was founded. But today several types of computers are in existence.

Modern world many types of computers like supercomputer, analog computer, hybrid computer, mainframe computer, digital computer, microcomputer, etc. All the computers are categories into several categories according to need or work.

The capability of handling the problems and programs decides the computer situations in which it should be work perfectly.

Types of computer on the basis for handling capabilities

After measure all these things computer are categories into three types on the basis for handling capabilities:- 

After measure all these things computer are categories into three types on the basis for handling capabilities:- 

  1. Analogue computer 
  2. Digital computer 
  3. Hybrid computer

 Above written three types of computers works in today environment account to need of work.

If anywhere big demand for work with fast process then their according to need one demanded computer are placed.

Types of computer On the basis of size

Some computers are categories On the basis of size. These computers are classified into 5 ways.

  1. Supercomputer
  2. Mainframe computer  
  3. Mini frame computer
  4. Workstations
  5. Microcomputers

Here we briefly define all the types of computer 

Analogue computer

Speedometer and mercury thermometer is also another type of computer, these computers are used for the analog processing because it changes continuously due to there have not any discrete value.

When Analogue computers are workings then they are directly accepting the data form their measuring devices .analog computer is a special type of computer at his time of working.

Digital computers 

These computers are very high speed working; all the modern computers are also called digital computers.

Digital computers are designed for solving higher calculations and programs. 

In our environment, all the computer which is used by us in daily life are digital computers i.e. PC, LAPTOP, Desktop, etc.

Digital computer has many advantages and disadvantages because they are very fast but this generation computer makes a very bad impact on users mind and eyes due to produce harmful rays from its system.

Hybrid computer

 These types of computers are the mixer of both above write two series analogue and digital computers.

All the advantages of both computers are found in one hybrid computer easily. Hybrid computers are very fast and their problem and calculation capacity is much accurate as digital computers. Hybrid computer is used at heavy loaded and urgent places where a large amount of work is pending, as like big servers and big industries.

Hybrid computers are the most famous computer for speed and accuracy in working time.

Here we define the parts of that computer s which is categories on the basis of size


The first supercomputer is design in 1976 by a scientist Roger Cray. Supercomputer name defines its own definition, supercomputers are extremely fast computer which is works on servers and this computer capability is much higher because these computers solve millions of calculations 

Per seconds.

In supercomputers there are thousands of processors are work continuously at the same time for solving the queries.

In the modern world of computer series, a supercomputer is much faster computer in all the computer series till now. Super computer cost is much higher than other computers.

These computers are used for scientific works, electronic design, and other long calculations.

super computers
super computers

Mainframe computers

Mainframe computers are also another type of computer used where thousands of users are needed supports simultaneously. In this series of computers you can run multiple applications at the same time. These computers are famous for their features. If you want to execute different processes at the same time then this computer s are used at this place. 

These computers are very expensive and very big in size; due to its size it covers a lot of space for working with them.

These computers are uses where a huge amount of data executes simultaneously than these computers perform at these types of places better.

Banking, big organizations, and telecom sectors need these types of computers.

main frame computer
main frame computer

Mini frame computers

These types of computers are used where limited users are working and support simultaneously such as a maximum of 200 users. These computers are used at lower departments where lower work in need such as banking and schools and universities, where limited users are working. To manage the work of pressure at these places mini frame computers are used.

Work stations

This is a single user computer and used for some technical applications. Its speed is much higher as the need for users and its component quality is much stronger and powerful as Ram is enough amounts in this computer and works very fast. If we discuss the size of these computers it is not much big.

Engineers, music workstations, and many types of fields have used this type of computer for doing their work.

work station
work station


These types of computers are used by a simple human for its daily work in their homes and some offices.it also known as personal computers. These computers also fulfilled the requirement of users at the lowest level.

These computers are sold at higher quantities into the world due to its smooth working and low price and small size.

Daily uses equipment’s under home and offices as like laptop desktop are includes in microcomputers.


All the types of computer are briefly define by us if till you have nay issue please comment below.

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